Our Warranty Policy

Common Questions:

Q: What if my item arrived damaged?
A: Each piece of Mission Furniture carries a full warranty for product quality and customer satisfaction.
If for any reason you’re not happy with your piece after it arrives, please return it immediately for replacement. To make a return please do so within 7 days of receiving the item. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. We do not cover the cost of return shipping for any reason.

As much as we try to avoid it, sometimes shipping damage will happen. Should your item arrive damaged, do not worry, each piece is insured both through the shipping company and through Mission Oak Designs. Meaning we will direct you on how to file a claim and help you get a replacement as soon as possible. We cannot be responsible for shipping damage.

If a manufacturing defect in material or workmanship occurs within six months of the original purchase date, we will accommodate the consumer with a replacement upon the written recommendation of a Mission Oak Designs representative. However, if a manufacturing defect occurs after this time period, we will gladly repair the product at a discount cost. It is the responsibility of the consumer and/or retailer to arrange shipping to and from the workshop.

Q: What if for some reason I do not like my new piece?
A: We sell many pieces to many different customers. We understand sometimes a customer's taste may be different. We offer a full warranty against customer satisfaction. If you receive your piece and do not like it, simply return the piece and receive a refund. We do require you to pay return shipping. We also require you to assure the piece is sent back undamaged, therefore we ask you to carefully package it. If the piece should arrive back to us with damage from the shipping process we will not be able to refund your entire purchase price. We do apply a 25% restocking fee for returned items due to customer's personal satisfaction.

Important facts about your new furniture:

You have chosen to purchase a handcrafted piece of furniture. Not all customers realize exactly what they are buying. Many items on the market today are factory built and are veneer covered meaning the piece you buy may only have a very thin layer of oak covering particleboard. The piece looks great when you buy it, but it isn't true solid oak therefore it will have different features from a true solid oak piece.

Since solid oak comes from a living tree it has a life of its own. It will continue to breathe even after your furniture has been built and sealed. It will continue to dry out and take in moisture its whole life. Many things are out of our control due to this process. We have outlined a few common facts to help you understand exactly what you have purchased and help you take proper care of your piece.

When the tree grows the surroundings will play an important part of the finish look. The age of a tree will also play an important part. Depending on what the tree has been exposed to will change the outcome. If you get your piece and see a difference in color between a leg or a trim board, trust us it is not that we didn't stain it, it is the way the tree accepted the finish in that area. If the grain was tight, it tends to have a lighter finish. Sometimes after staining and sealing the piece may "bleed through"; this is common and happens from time to time. Simply use a soft cloth to wipe the stain and apply a coat of wax.

You may find darker spots on your piece that appears to be stain splashes, again, this is not a stain splash, it is grown into the grain of the wood. Sometimes a tree may be shot by a hunter, when this happens and the tree continues to grow, the lead left behind will cause the tree to darken in the surrounding areas.  This is the natural beauty in solid hardwood furniture.

If your piece feels a little tacky to the touch, it is not that the sealer has not dried. In the process of finishing your piece, we use a tack cloth as a final step. You are feeling the tack cloth. A simple coat of wax will stop this. We cannot apply the wax prior to it leaving, because bubble wrap and wax do not seem to get along well.

Tabletops, again this is not veneer, it is not pressed wood, your top will not be glass smooth as it is real wood that has been sanded. We do apply sealer to the tops to make them soft, but try to leave the natural grain finish so you can always pick out a piece of true oak verses processed wood products.

We do our best to assure your new piece is built rock solid to last for years and years. We are constantly testing our furniture for durability. We use mortise and tennon joints whenever possible.  This is one of the strongest joints in woodworking.  We have been known to jump on end tables and bar stools to make sure they are strong enough to withstand the everyday wear and tear they will face in your home.

Finally, on a personal note: If you are happy with your purchase please tell your friends and the rest of the world.  If for some reason you are not happy with your new piece of furniture, please tell us.  We are probably the only ones who will do something about it.  We want the opportunity to do our best to make our customers happy.  Customer statisfaction and quality craftsmanship are the two main prioriites of Mission Oak Designs.  We are always willing to work with our customers and we trust that you will feel comfortable working with us.  Thank you for your purchase from Mission Oak Designs and we hope to hear from you again for all your furniture needs.